Keep Your Skin Fungus Free By Using Prescription Antifungal Creams

Fungus can appear at any of the body parts. However, it usually hit groin muscles, vagina, and feet. There are different types of diseases associated with fungus. Candid, athletes’ foot, and ringworm are among these common skin related fungal issues. Sometimes, the fungus appears on the neck in the form of various white spots. Such spots become highly visible during summers and diminish during winters. There are certain soaps and creams that can be used to avoid fungal actions. Multi-action creams can also be used for treating with fungus. Prescription antifungal creams are of various types. The Major classification of this type of creams can be done based on the formula used to prepare the medicine. Some of these creams are used to cure the fungus while some are used as a precautionary measure.

How the cream works?

There are different working mechanisms of different creams used for removing fungus from the human body. Most of the creams penetrate into the skin and differentiate between mammalian and fungal cells. The cream breaks the contact of fungi with the skin layer. In this way, the fungal cells leak out and skin becomes clear. This whole procedure usually takes a few days. However, there are some instant function creams that are usually used by sportsmen. Such creams must be used only after getting prescription by a practicing physician. Some of the creams consist of various components that also play their part for whitening the skin’s color. The cream must have no adverse effect on the host’s body.

Side effects

You would have heard from a number of people that using antifungals is not good for health. It is right to some extent because some of the components used in such creams can have life threatening results if not used in the right manner. Some common side effects that have been reported by patients include:

    • Liver damage – some of the ingredients of such creams can react with the hormones related to liver functioning. You must make sure not to use antifungals on unaffected parts of the body. This will reduce the risk of liver damage. One thing must be mentioned here that liver damage usually happens with the medicines taken orally.
    • Estrogen level – estrogen is a sexual hormone present in females. The body maintains a specific level of this hormone to arouse sexual feelings in women. However, use antifungals can severely affect estrogen level disturbing the hormone distribution in the body.

  • Skin allergy – some of the ingredients used in such creams may react with the human skin. In such cases, red spots form on the skin surface. Red spots are the symptoms of allergy and incompatibility of the skin with the cream. It is better to find an alternative cream having different components.
  • Kidney issues – some of the antifungals taken orally can cause adverse effects on the kidneys. Severe attacks can also stop the normal operation of the kidney.

It is a must to see your family doctor before using any prescription antifungal cream. This will ensure your safety and good health.